Friday, May 10, 2013

This will be the place to be!

PG is going to be the Passive Opportunity to be! I think everyone is going to be extremely pleased with it.

Numerous Processors will be available for everyone to participate. The following payment processors have been approved:


Payza is expected to be ready for launch as well which means that everyone should have an easy means of funding this program.
You have enough time to make sure that your processor of choice is funded and ready to go once we launch ;)
The programmer is working on the members' area doing some changes. This site will be spectacular and you will see this for yourself once the program is launched.

The launch will be postponed til early next week. Enjoy your weekend, but keep building your teams. Remember, there are 4 tiers of referral income at PG.

I know most of you are not promoters, so let me tell you something exciting about PG. It is more than just a 2% daily with no restarts needed...

Shares are only $3!
Also, you can earn free shares at PG. Pretty Cool!
So, Passive Earning potential here is beyond the 2% Daily!

PG is worth waiting for, and I am happy to see the admin team being cautious and detailed.

Will keep you informed ;)

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