Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PG Quick Update

Hello Everyone!
When will PG Launch?
PG will launch no later than Friday. 
Watch for further updates It is NOT expected to be today or Wednesday and will possibly be Thursday but for now it looks like we have at least two more days to pre-build.
This is a very extensive program and the admins are very meticulous and want everything perfect coming out of the gates so serious testing and re-testing is being done before they give the green light. I have to say that better save than sorry so I don't mind to wait a few more days if this means a better result ;)

What will be the final processors used for launch?
PG will have the following processors:


Note: There will be no Payza (what a surprise) but members will be able to use EgoPay.

Additional Information / details / features:
Shares will be $3.
You do NOT have to sponsor to earn at PG.
The 2% daily stage does not require restarts. That's what makes this pay plan so unique. It is based on a proprietary math formula loaded with juice.
Even cooler, is how your $3 multiplies here. If you thought 2% Daily sounded nice... wait until you see the multiplying bonuses. You can earn these bonuses without sponsoring. With this in mind, small spends have potential. Large spends have wild potential earnings. You definitely want to be "spread the word" about this program. With a 4 tier referral commission platform, you should start building ;)
1st Level: 10%
2nd Level: 5%
3rd Level: 3%
4th Level: 2%

It's easy to promote. It's going to be an excellent place for MLMers to advertise, as well.
Stay focused and be ready
Good things come to those who wait....This one is worth the wait and everyone
will have the opportunity to read up/dissect this program once everything is
revealed at launch.
From all information provided to me, this one will be exceptional!


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