Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Passive Income Streams

Welcome to my Passive Income Streams blog! I'm going to post here my online earning opportunities which require "almost" no work in order to make money with them. This means that you will be able to earn with them without the need of searching for referrals, recruit new members or surf for hours to send hits to your website or referral links. Make money with no effort!
With the opportunities I'm going to share with you here you will be able to make money easily with almost no work but you'll need to invest at least a little money. If you are not willing to invest any money don't waste your time and leave now ;)
I'll be updating the post when changes or updates occur.

1. Just Been Paid (7 March 2012) ->Migrated to Profit Clicking August 23rd
I've been working online trying to make money since 2005 but I've never seen anything like Just Been Paid and it's JSS Tripler. This is really an awesome opportunity and you will start making money literally from day 1.
When you join Just Been Paid the first thing you need to do is sign up for their JSS-Tripler and buy your first position with the $10 loan you get when joining. Log in to your JSS Tripler account the next day and you'll see that you've made $0.15 - $0.20 without having done a thing for it.
So the JSS Tripler is going to pay you $0.15 to $0.20 per day for your $10 position... every day for 81 days! And you can buy as many tripler positions as you want to (I think the limit is 5000 per day!) plus you can compound your earnings to buy more positions every time you have $10 in your JSS Account!
This opportunity offers you a completely passive income, at least at its early stage, as there is nothing you need to do but buying positions if you want to earn more :) If you want to find referrals you will also earn a 10% of what they spend in buying positions (not from the loan!) and a 5% of what their referrals spend.

Find out more about Just Been Paid at my Just Been Paid blog :)
Also feel free to check my Profit Clicking blog!

2.World Consumer Alliance (27 September 2012)
World Consumer Alliance is a network marketing company that provides text, banner and network advertising for its members. World Consumer Alliance has designed their compensation plan runs on a Revenue Sharing plan and has not a set % you earn on a determined time frame. You can buy multiple positions and you get 100 text and 100 banner advertising credits for each of them. Positions cost $2 each and expire after they have paid you back $3.25.
You can also earn on referrals:
10% for each purchase of your level 1 members
5% for each purchase of your level 2 members

3. Wealth4all (5 May 2012) -> Re-Launching at the beginning of 2013!!
Wealth 4 All quite works like Just Been Paid but here you will be buying Training and Advertising Packages (TAP) instead of positions and you will not earn daily from each TAP. TAPs will cycle every 10 days paying you a certain amount depending on which TAP "level" you have. Each TAP will cycle 12 times. Cycles 1-6 pay you 100% and cycles 7-12 pay you 50%. The great thing here is that 50% of your earnings are used to buy new TAPs automatically so once you are set up it will start growing with absolutely no work from your side. The big difference to Just Been Paid is that there are no Restarts, no Matrices to fill and thanks to the auto-repurchase it requires no work from your site to make this business grow :) Auto-repurchase can be set from 50% to 100%. Daily earnings with Wealth 4 all go from 1-3% and you are guaranteed to cycle 3 times a month!
To get started you'll need to invest at least $26: $10 for your one time Membership fee and $16 for your first TAP. This very first TAP will make you a total of $40.50 which is enough to auto-buy your second TAP and continue to earn with no other investment out of your pocket.
There is also no need to find referrals for wealth4all in order to earn money. If you find referrals you'll get a $5 fast start bonus once they pay their $10 one time membership fee and then 10% from the TAPs they buy.

Read more about Wealth 4 All on my wealth4all blog :)

The Wealth 4 all Team ensures that they will pay back all the money to its members and hope that we will join them again when they launch their new project "Genesis"... hopefully soon ;)

So As you can see all of my earning programs are having problems and currently they are all "paused" or on "Stand By mode"... Hopefully they will start working at 100% soon ;)

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