Monday, May 13, 2013

Get ready for PG

We already have a Launch Date!

Codename PG is almost here! 

The launch will more than likely to take place on Tuesday 14th of May (tomorrow!!) unless I inform you otherwise (the time will be announced so I will update on this once I know for sure).

So you can relax for now as launch will not be today, Monday.


There seem to be some of you who don't seem to be able to wait on a link from your sponsor but rather "go crazy" and join the first link you can find... lol....

This does not apply to my usual list members as you guys all wait on my link; I am thankful for that but this goes out to all who have recently joined this waiting list.....If you were introduced to the program by me I would apreciate it if you would join through my link ;)

Just as I would be appealing to all of your downlines and leads to ensure that they wait for to join with you as rightly you are the ones who introduced them to the program.

So please make sure to join with only the person who introduced you first to the program.

With that said, you have nothing to worry about as I have already been assured of the earliest link possible from this program and have things set to get this out to all of you with minimal delay.
Launch Email:
This is where I will send my Referral Link to all the people I have in my list.
I will also post my link here on this Blog, as I do with all my other passive opportunities. Once started I'll be creating a dedicated blog for PG :)

This to me is the quickest way to get it out to everyone of my downline.


We already have new advertising material ready for you guys to simply set up and start promoting right away to capitalize on getting direct referrals who will join you right away after launch.

This advertising will ONLY be for members who join their correct sponsor and
you will be asked to email your sponsor with your referral link for the program.

For all of you receiving this, you will email me as I would be your sponsor, but you will do the same with your referrals.

Once it is verified that you have joined, the promo page link will be released to you and you can start promoting ( if you want to ).


I have been told that the program has very nice banners and splash pages and that
we will all absolutely love this I am really excited!

Good luck to all and please remember to have your payment processor of choice
funded and ready to go once you receive the signup link.

To our success,

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