Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Goodness... Passive Income is harder than I thought :(

I'm really sad but I find out the hard way that passive income opportunities are not build to last. Better take action soon and leave the ship before it is too late... All of my great income builders came to an end sooner or later and up to date the only one working is Wealth 4 all which has turned into a Hyip site... How long will that one last? One one knows :( Feel free and visit my Wealth for all blog!

Profit Clicking is undergoing serious problems and is paying no members but the Hyip Monitors to keep the "Paying" Status on their sites.
World Consumer Alliance is moving so slow you can kick it.
Golden Path has disappeared completely...

Enough bull shit... Be carefull where you put your money in!

Best of luck to all internet business seekers!!!