Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Changes happening in RWJ

Hi there friends!

it's been a long time since my last post and I've really been slacking BIG time in my marketing efforts for this opportunity.

What has happened so far:
I joined 24th of November 2013 and funded my account with $20.
The 12th of December I was paid into Summit77 without me lifting a finger.
So far I have two personal referrals from witch only one is active.

Now RWJ has changed its way of working and the weekly subscription system has been removed and replaced with a point based daily subscription. So now RWJ is a free downline builder for Summit77. You don't have to fund your account anymore but you will have to accept to pay your way into Summit77 once your turn has come.

Here is the explanation you can find in your RWJ back office:
Please Follow these Steps to Get Started

1: To become Active fill out the Form In Your Welcome Email that was sent to you after you activated your account to let us know you are ready to get started and agree to pay $30.00 to Join Summit77. If you have lost your Welcome Email you will need to contact us by Clicking Here to have the Form resent to you.

After we have received your form you will be placed on the waiting list to receive your Summit77 join link.
The waiting can be found by Clicking Here!

When you have reach the top of the waiting list you will be contacted with the signup procedures for Summit77 by email. You will have to keep track of your progress up the wait list and be ready when You receive Your Join link to join ASAP and pay your $30.00

Once you have joined and paid for your Starter Package with Summit77 120 points will be added to your account and your subscription will start. You will enter Matrix 1 everyday with 1 point deducted from your point balance. For every position that cycles matrix 4 you will receive 1 Summit77 referral and you will receive another referral when you cycle matrix 6 for a total of 2 referrals per position.
( 1 Point equals to 2 Summit77 referrals once your position cycles out of matrix 4 and 6 )
( 120 points will give you 240 Summit77 referrals over time )

The Power of the System is :
The Same steps above will be followed for All members SO Duplication will build a huge organization in your Summit77 business.
All the Referrals Placed Under You will have 120 points given to them and will receive 240 Summit77 referrals over time.

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