Sunday, December 8, 2013

30 more to go!

Hi there friends!

About two days ago I posted a new post on this blog explaining that I joined this RWJ Marketing thing about 10 days ago and that I worked my way up in the waiting list to about a bit over half of it. So today I checked back and I'm 30 members away from the hot seat!! Isn't that awesome??

I also got a signup: Welcome Karola :)

So far I have just purchased one subscription that costs me $2 per week but you can purchase more if you can afford it. Just be careful you can afford having more than one subscription as these cannot be cancelled!!


  1. Juan you have been really helpful when it came to ad click express revealing the truth about a lot but I have something I am involved in it really works and the best part its free to join here is the link this is no scam truly!