Sunday, June 9, 2013

Joined AdHitProfits

Hi there!

I joined AdHitProfits a few days ago. AdHitProfits is another passive income opportunity. All you need to earn money with AdHitProfits is purchasing at least one share and view 10 ads per day. I joined a few days ago but was able to purchase only one share yesterday. Would like to have more cash available but unfortunately this is all I have to use online at this point.
Each share cost $45 and pays and non defined daily commission on each one you purchase. I purchased mine yesterday and viewed the ads yesterday and today and I already have $4.06 in my account.
When you purchase a share you are allowed to ad a website to the directory. All other advertising possibilities have to be purchased separately and all the money made is shared with all the members; cool huh?

I thought I'll give it a try so here I go ;)
We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

Check my AdHitProfits blog.

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